It's Monday, August 9th, and my 500th blog post. This seems a little surreal to me ...maybe goes along with living with a foot in two worlds?

Also, it's a '4' day, numerologically (balanced in body, mind, and spirit) and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically.

I headed over to Sunapee this morning to see Linda and visit the Annual Craftsmen's Fair. It's been several years since I last went and it was wonderful to see everyone out enjoying art.

Just like every year, there were a few stands that stood out - I was completely enamored with the Didgeridoo Tent, featuring Steven Bachmann demoing several of his pieces. Yes, there was a bit of spontaneous dance!

At the next memorable booth, I traded in my ball cap for a charming 'Fascinator.' Did you know this was a type of hat?

The two sisters of this 'Meshugenah' (crazy-in-the-head-lady) hat company were simply adorable, themselves.