Activities Director

It's Thursday, July 29th. It's a '5' day, numerologically (did you change up your routine?), and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically. I was up pretty early - taking dictation from Beyond again - and then making a picnic lunch for this afternoon's adventure.

As I made a pasta salad, I listened to a talk by Daniel Foor. This man sounds just like me (okay - not 'just like', because sometimes 'The Big Voice' comes through me....but his explanations are the understandings & info that I have received, too!)

Then, the 'Team' arrived and we headed out.

It was an amazing, full, magical adventure, which included sunshine, Calendar 1, Downtown Woodstock, Covered Bridges, glass-blowing, rain, and more...

We returned victorious and ready for tea!

It was fun to find a Juniper berry bouquet from Brigham