It's Friday, July 16th. Numerologically, it's a '1' day (a terrific day to meet new people and try out new ideas) and biodynamically, it's a 'root' day. I woke up bright and early and spent a little time creating a list of Things I Love. When I finished, I realized that none of the 'things' were, in fact, things. Here are a few examples.

I love:

  • Bird song

  • Deep, restful sleep

  • Crisp breezes and laundry dried on the line

  • Good jokes

  • Colors

  • Synchronicities

You get the idea, right?

I was really glad I had taken the time for this little exercise, or the rest of the day would have thrown me for a complete loop!

Really, it's just another opportunity to see how much I've grown.

Victor called to share that his brakes are gone; he will not be arriving tomorrow. Before I had a chance to get upset about that, Heather Gray called to say she was bringing her voice/sound healing technology, so she could run sessions for people on Saturday.

Could it be that folks who had signed up for Victor really need a session with Heather?