It's Monday, July 19th. (Happy Birthday, Larina Mary!)

Biodynamically, it's been a 'gray' day all day; numerologically, it's a '4' day: Time to Work. Yeah....while part of me was ready to take a little time for recuperation from the fullness of this weekend (the trip to Maine - postponed), the energy of the day had a will of its own!

I returned a few phone calls this morning and had started writing up my to-do list, when I realized Joe had arrived for the deck...and the phone rang about the next delivery of firewood...

Because it was still rainy, I also wanted to pick up a few ingredients for this weekend's recipes, so I headed down to Brattleboro.

Timing is always fascinating.

I ended up spending a longer time than I usually do...

On my way home, I found a young man hitchhiking and 'got the Guidance' to pick him up. Originally from Louisiana, he came to Vermont to work on a farm - and while he's been there for years, he was moved to leave this morning. Divine and Perfect Timing for being of assistance, he's here stacking wood and learning about Human Design - and his role in the world.

He is a hard worker, extremely intuitive, with a good sense of humor!