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(B)EarthDay & Postpartum

It's Thursday, April 22nd - and quite late in the evening.

Numerologically, it's a '4' day (the work you did today will have lasting impact!); biodynamically, after 6:00pm we moved into a 'fruit' period that lasts through Friday at midnight.

I headed up to Bridgewater fairly early and as I drove, I contemplated this day last year: feeling labor-like pains, breast tenderness, and everything that accompanied the whole pregnancy/birth process.

Do you recall that, yourself?

This year felt much different and I found myself in tears on the drive. Strange, huh?

Yeah, I thought so, too, until I realized this is what happens sometimes postpartum.

So where is this New Earth that we birthed?

Is it being spanked and wrapped in swaddling clothes?

And why am I being called to clear/balance/heal plots of land for their Guardians and Owners - that include finding remnants of discarded childhoods, like these small school chairs today?

Pretty curious, huh...?

They were definitely holding some grief around being discarded, which I didn't fully understand...

...until I rounded the corner and found two others that had been placed center-stage in a flower garden by the previous owner.

How does this fit with today's energy?

"Gate 27: The enhancement of the quality and the substance through caring. The compassion and the energy to care for the weak. Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected

Line 2 - Self-sufficiency The obvious law that to give, one must have.

Exaltation: The Mother. The great nourisher. The strength to nurture and the power to care. Detriment: The child depleting the resources of others. Weakness that can sap the strength and power of others."

Motherlove conquers All. It includes everything that has been exalted - and everything that has been discarded and neglected. Reach beyond these feelings of postpartum to find strength and power to nurture and care!

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