It's Sunday, October 11th and I woke up feeling particularly internally spacious.

Did you feel any of that today, too?

The weather was glorious and I was happy to get started on a delicious plant-based corn chowder for after the Clearing Circle at 3:00 pm.

Then, I headed outside and began clearing out some of the flower beds. How fun was it to find a few little remaining Goji berries...

Have you ever eaten them fresh?

They have a tanginess that disappears when they are dried. Somehow, a few were high enough and hidden from the overactive squirrel and chipmunk populations.

Another example of nature surprising me in a joyful way!

As I worked, I noticed the light playing between the trees and was grateful for the beauty that sustains me here.

When folks began arriving, I collected my notebook and we discussed some of the themes to be cleared: