Closure. Next?

It's Friday, August 14th. How funny to think that we are already in the middle of this month!

I wasn't sure what to write about started with me planning a delicious menu of garden-fresh food, a zoom call with some friends (who were not at all interested in hearing an alternative perspective to what the Main Stream Media is putting out) and then a surprise visit from my sons!

I was thrilled - this way I could take a quick photo of them standing in front of the door frame! Now, I feel like I have some closure on being able to paint it.

Even as I look at these two, it's hard to remember how small they were, when we first moved here....

There was a moment of remembering Mark (age? 11?) coming down the stairs to announce:

"even though I haven't had a normal childhood, I think I'm gonna be okay."

And me, laughing so hard I couldn't speak... which point Nathan pointed out: