It's Wednesday, August 26th and I headed over to Springfield early this morning to have the AC compressor fixed. Trevor chuckled when I told him I had the heater on in the car - and asked if I wanted to hold off. Yes...that would make sense.

With some time freed up, I headed over to meet my eldest at the diner.

Although I wasn't even hungry, the owner mentioned her homemade donut holes and brought two out....

They were roughly the size of my palm and as I savored each bite, I realized this was exactly what I wanted. Something that was made with great love and pride.

Have you noticed that food tastes better when it is made by someone loving?

Years ago, I remember reading this book by Aimee and thinking that we are all impacted by how we are fed - not only the food we eat, really - the impressions, too; the emotions of the people making the food. It's Kitchen Magic, really.

Do you cook?