It's Labor Day; September 7th, 2020. I'm writing down the year because, for the last few weeks, I feel like I've been working in the 1980s again. Songs, movies, people from that time frame were popping up for review and a revisit. I find it fascinating how my linear/sequential/horizontal timeline has been rearranging itself vertically, so I can more easily navigate/jump back and forth between timelines...have you been feeling that?

Today is a fruit day, biodynamically, so I decided it was the perfect time to work these perfect, luscious peaches into jam. With ginger, of course!

Do you eat jam? Do you have a favorite?

I really don't eat a lot - however, I do love having some on hand for folks who end up here at workshops, events, etc.

As I was peeling, chopping, and simmering, I listened to a bit of Zorra's call.

It's totally alchemical: cooking.

Taking raw ingredients and mixing them together over a fire to become something new.