It's Sunday, April 25th - a '7' day, numerologically (this number always reveals something!); a 'root' day, biodynamically (through tomorrow night) and today was a group experiment that led to a terrific experience: an afternoon of geomancy in Bellows Falls, VT.

It started with a suggestion from Donald, followed by my response, which sparked some excitement from a few other folks. The next thing I knew, we had this date scheduled for land clearing - as a group.

Over the last couple of days, working individually with a few landowners, I have felt certain that everything would come together in the best possible way; this would boost their confidence, while modeling and providing newbies with an 'A-ha!' experience of their own.

The etymology of both experiment and experience are: ex "out of" (see ex-) + peritus "experienced, tested," from PIE *per-yo-, suffixed form of root *per- (3) "to try, risk."

Pretty cool, huh?

Experience comes from risk-taking.