Finding Peace

It's Tuesday, September 14th. I seem to have blown through Labor Day (and Happy Birthday, Charis!), the 9/11 weekend (and Clearing Circle), and the heavy energy of yesterday - Monday.

Today has been a 'fruit' day, all day (so I've been harvesting tomatoes and making sauce); Numerologically, today is a '1' day - all about new doors and beginnings.

It's been good to have a day to catch up on some 'home' work. Truly the pace of things has felt a bit extreme for the last few weeks!

That said, I have done a really good job of refraining from most (even alternative) news.

There have been a few interesting videos, like this one on Orgone Energy - and this one on good communication and how to awaken friends & family, that I'm happy to share.

Instead, I have been practicing playing a faux didgeridoo, doing recon for the next Geomancy project, and figuring out how to mow the lawn, in between rain showers.

I've made small trips: Saratoga, Argyle,

Charlestown. In Argyle, I met the goose who laid this lovely egg...