Glitch in the Timeline?

It's Friday, June 11, 2021. Biodynamically, it's a 'flower' day (have you ever eaten a Nasturtium? They are lovely and peppery!) and numerologically, it's a '4' day (work done today will be lasting...) It was fairly cool here today, so I was okay with baking and cooking a few things for this evening's Fun Friday.

Since Brigham dropped off some fresh milk, I tried my hand at making farmer's cheese (a really simple recipe with 3 ingredients.) What a fun experiment that was!

Also, I watched a presentation at the (virtual) ASD conference - mine. I had pre-recorded it, because - hello? Mercury Retrograde?? - and I was glad to have had a chance to answer a few questions afterward before the first person arrived.

One question that arose was around the concept of time....and what did I mean by:

"We've been merging timelines"?

Well, the other day, I found two of the same titles on my bookshelf in two different locations; one was new, the other was well-read.

In one timeline, I had bought the book and read it. In the other, I had bought the book - and saved it to read. I have no memory of the story. When timelines merged, both books showed up. I'm looking forward to reading it in this timeline!

Interestingly, the exact same thing happened to a friend with a different title.