Milk & Honey

It's Monday, April 12; a '3' day, numerologically (radiate joy; bless everyone and everything!) and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically (which lasts until noon on Wednesday. There has been so much energy we are dealing with today, that it's been a bit of a process for me to assimilate it all. I do love a challenge though, so I powered through this morning (taking a short, 5-minute break at one point to lie down, I was so nauseous) and then got back to my to-do list.

Garden work was out (a bit raw and rainy), which allowed me to focus on getting the trash/recycling together and complete a few inside jobs that had fallen through the cracks.

When the knock came that my power was going to be down for a few hours, I left the Barn.

After recycling, I headed over to Grafton to the Rushton Farm. I had heard that a good way to enliven soil in the spring was to spray the gardens with a mixture of milk and molasses.

It was when Brigham mentioned that in the past, he had used honey, that the lightbulb went off for me.

It does sound biblical, doesn't it?

The 'land of milk and honey'?

I plan to 'bless' these Gardens at Dream Barn Hollow with a mixture of both, to encourage beneficial growth of all of the plants at the microbial level.