Possibilities & Preferences

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

It's Monday, January 11, 2021. The other morning, as I was slowly waking up, I saw the numbers of this date turn into Roman Numerals and shift around to become: 111 11 111. Such balance!

This morning, I realize there are a few dates this year that have this same potential: January 20th, February 1st, October 2nd, October 20th, November 1st....and they all create the number: '8.' Of course, when you turn eight sideways, it also becomes: Infinity.

When I wondered what images to share, I opened this deck to find: Emergence!

Seems totally aligned with today's Gate 61: "Line 2 - Natural brilliance Exaltation: The Moon exalted, and so gifted by this position a far-reaching, a nourishing influence, free of guile and powerfully attractive. A gift for inspiration that is both attractive and beneficial to others."

In my current Paulo Coelho book, The Valkyries, inspiration is defined as: "the bringing in of air, allowing oneself to drink from an unknown source." (p.66)

Are you allowing yourself to drink from an Unknown Source? What does it taste like?

Sometimes, inspiration seems dichotomous to me. Like the sweet-hot taste of Thai, or the spicy-sour taste of fermented foods.