Radical Honesty

It's Thursday, August 26th. It's been a 'gray' day, biodynamically all day (perfect for weeding and clean-up) and numerologically, it's a '3' day (party!...or, in my case, prepare for the party)

It's been pretty hot and humid here in Vermont (can you feel the haze?), so today was a mix of inside and outside jobs.

There was a bit of deadheading, some preparation of various healing tools for Saturday's Event (the BioMat, Cohere Mat, Core Harmonizer, Tachyon Energy, etc.) before Bryn and I explored the Aura Camera.

I got various stations together, Ed and I finished cleaning up under the grape arbor, and I took inventory of the many things that I have been avoiding:

  • engaging locally in the fight against masking school kids returning this fall