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Rainy Days

This morning, Thursday, April 9, was a perfect day for prioritizing projects. Even though I sometimes garden in the rain, with the amount coming down today I thought it would be better to work inside. Is your schedule this organic? Has it become more so?

There are always to-do lists of things both indoors and out - so I can feel productive either way. And every now and then, the Universe will show up with an unexpected surprise that reaffirms Divine & Perfect Timing!

Here's the backstory: A few months ago, I got a reminder from my credit card that I had been accumulating points (points?) and could use them to order merchandise: electronics, jewelry, gadgets, etc. After reviewing everything on the website, I made my choice (which seemed like the most practical, useful thing from the whole selection of things) and forgot about it.

It arrived today - my Hybrid & Trekking Bike!

Did you catch that? Partially unassembled?! Further assembly required?? accidents, right?

Only synchronicities...and learning opportunities!

What's funny to me, is that I would likely have NO patience for this if it were sunny outside - I'd be out raking or mulching. Yet since it is raining, I have this chance to challenge myself in an area, where I would not necessarily (eagerly or willingly) have ventured. Are you embracing new challenges?

I know my strengths. And usually, I am happy to delegate projects that I'm not so good at to others, who are. Today, though...I have a chance to embrace this puzzle with enthusiasm and anticipation, knowing that when it is sunny again - I'll be ready for a bike ride!

PS: Before I do, I will verify with someone who has a little expertise at this type of thing because the instructions state that: "Failure to properly assemble and maintain your bicycle could result in serious injury or death to the rider." May common sense always prevail...

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