It's Tuesday, June 15th; today is an '8' day, numerologically (did you move from success to success, today?) and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically.

Since '8' is my number, I am always happy to find myself happily exhausted from the successes of these days! Rather than bore you with my super-long, checked-off to-do list, I will share with you the moments of clarity that arose that enabled me to accomplish it all.

It started with a video of a brave reporter, which was very encouraging, as it allowed me to see that there are folks coming forward and speaking truth in the Main Stream Media.

What did that spark?

Hope. Encouragement. Faith.

Yeah. And connection.

It set the tone of anticipation for the day, and from that, everything flowed brilliantly. Better, in fact, than I could have planned.

With contagious excitement, I shared those emotions with Chris, Denny, and Ian (such a fun visit! I love sharing the garden...)

And this energy carried me to connect with another brilliant human at the Post Office...and then again at the grocery store.