Shi(f)t Happens

It's Thursday, August 19th.

Uranus is moving retrograde today. I'm in a bit of recovery.

Biodynamically, it's a 'fruit' day all day; numerologically, it's a '5' day. Even though today is about 'change and surprise,' it feels like this has been a BIG theme for the last few days. Weeks. Years.

And it's truly amazing to realize that we are co-creating and participating in the change - in real time! Here's a recap of the most recent adventure:

I spent some time yesterday morning moving the remaining manure onto garden beds, in anticipation of coming events here at the Barn. Really, it was quite amusing to be listening to Greg Holden, happily shoveling shit, and pausing to spin cartwheels, because - why not?

At 1:30 Bryn and Chris showed up to carpool to the Hall Art Foundation to attend the 'Hall Art for Educators' afternoon with me.

We headed out in good spirits, knowing that our showing up in defiance of their mask mandate might be controversial.