Happy Friday, June 26th!

We are in the middle of Gate 52 and this is the information that Richard Rudd shares about that:

"When we go to the ocean or forest we can feel the true tempo of the earth and it’s magical. It’s a deep drumbeat sounding in every cell of our being. The DNA expands when it hears and feels this tempo. When we forget this deep, natural tempo, our DNA contracts and sends our body into a stressful state, as though an alarm goes off inside us. Much of the world today is living with the alarm bell still ringing. If we hear it all the time, soon we just get used to it and it becomes normal. The secret is to trust the alarm and our discomfort, stop what we’re doing, slow down, breathe, come into our base and tune ourself back into Gaia’s heart." - Excerpt from the 64 Ways

(Photo credit: Lucy!)

Isn't that lovely? And so true. Are you living with that alarm bell ringing? All.the.time??

It feels like the Universe is gifting us with a number of opportunities to revisit any- /and everything that has not been resolved from the past ...on top of whatever is going on in the present. It's stressy.

I found myself wanting (and wondering how) to simplify my life even more. To hear Gaia's heartbeat more clearly.

Maybe it's just a good reminder to stop everything and do something that seems counterintuitive? Like taking a break? Sitting still? Turning off the computer, cell phone, etc.? Being quiet in nature?