The Great Falls

It's Sunday, June 27th. It's a 'root' day, biodynamically, so I made a carrot ginger soup for the road. It is a Master Number '11' day, numerologically, and the 20 people who met for Geomancy certainly 'accessed a pipeline of wisdom and knowledge from the Highest Source.'

We met at Unity park in (Turner's Falls) the Great Falls. (I'm hearing that others are choosing to use this name, rather than honoring the man who betrayed peaceful negotiations with the Native Americans and instigated a tragic massacre.)

It felt like a different experience from the previous two Geomancy events (Bellows Falls and Brattleboro). This one came with a distinct requirement of solemnity; an awareness of the sacred aspect of this work.

As folks arrived I did my best to translate the information that I had previously received:

as a group, it would be important to work mostly silently, tuning into the subtle energies that required our attention.

Then, forming a circle, we would work as a human medicine wheel; releasing pressure/ density/ancestral suffering through a process of joining hands, taking 3 steps to the right, and toning. After feeling the energetic shifts in our bodies, we were free to move to the next spot.