Hello, Sunday, June 14th!

I'm cooking for this afternoon's Clearing Circle and potluck. Are you coming? It's at 3:00...

I've been told that anyone who is willing to show up and do this 'work,' must be nourished: it's kind of the reverse of "feed the body, feed the soul."

While preparing corn chowder, I'm listening to Melanie, who is reminding me of my great love for Rudolf Steiner - have you heard of him?

Steiner taught about the need to balance the spiritual and the physical...and this represents true freedom.

Steiner recognized Lucifer as a non-physical being of great and blinding light, who would fool people into thinking spirituality was separate from the physical - and more valuable and important. Steiner acknowledged Ahriman (sometimes referred to as Satan, from a name given back in Egyptian times) as a being who had participated in the creation of