Well Fed

It's Thursday, August 12th. Numerologically, it's a '7' day (did you spend some time getting in touch with your Inner Wisdom?) and biodynamically, it's another 'root' day.

Overall, I'm quite happy with this day - I could easily have gotten pulled into a full day of watching the constant updates about what's being discovered with regards to the shot, the elections, etc.....and I did not.

Instead, I spent some time planning for the upcoming events here - there are a number of fun things I want to share on the 28th: runes, tarot, numerology, etc. This in addition to the speakers and the story stroll through the garden.

I do hope this date is on your calendar?

When things finally cooled down a bit, i ventured outside - and noticed that there were a number of nibbled fruits in the greenhouse and right outside - grrrr!